We are a young Seattle family trying to keep our heads above water raising two wee ones! Life around here is often chaotic, hilarious and unexpected. Despite the daily challenges we may face in marriage, parenting and our work, there is an abundance of love at home and that love keeps us grounded, level-headed and always laughing. 

As we grow together as a family, striving to put God at the center of our lives, we find there is beauty in the chaos, life-altering lessons in the mistakes we make, and opportunities for growth around every corner. We are grateful to be exactly where we are and excited to see how the Lord chooses to expand our family in the next few years

Kyle. Husband. Family man. Rockstar dad. Firefighter. 
Sports-lover. Kind and gentle. Affectionate. My better half.

Hayden. 4 year old stud. First born. Sweet and tender. Loving brother.
Obsessed with trains, wheels and things that go. Joyful spirit. Helper.

Hallie. 3 year old angel. Our "beauty". Fearless adventurer. 
Free spirit. Quick as lightning. Teachable. Compassionate. Spunky.

About Me {The Blogger}:
Hello, I'm Amber. I started this blog a few years ago shortly after becoming a mommy for the first time. I wanted a place to "store" memories of my family and a place to reflect on both the challenging and the joyful times in marriage and child rearing. 

This blog has slowly evolved from a family blog to a lifestyle blog as I've learned the importance in discovering those things in life that bring true delight and enjoyment. It is here that I share my love of painting and refinishing furniture, trying new recipes, crafting and creating, and experimenting with fashion. Don't worry, you'll still find snippets of our life uncensored around here, but you'll also get a glimpse of my attempts at creativity and staying sane amidst the chaos.

Blessed wife. Mommy to two. Crafter and DIYer. Furniture refinisher. Food enthusiast.

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